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Chopard Wish Pure

The perfume Chopard Wish Pure is part of the line Wish. It includes a total of 6 scents – Wish (1999), Wish Pink Diamond (2005), Wish Turquoise Diamond (2007), Wish Magical Nights (2008), Brilliant Wish (2010) and Wish Pure. Unlike other flavors, the bottle of Wish Pure does not resemble the shape of a diamond. He is more sweet, oriental, and spicy fragrance. Its composition was created by the perfumer Nathalie Lorson.

Chopard Wish Pink Diamond

Chopard launches its perfume Wish Pink Diamond in 2005. It is a part of the series Wish, the first perfume by that name appears in 1999. The composition of Wish Pink Diamond was developed by the perfumer Alexandra Jouet. She creates a radiant, vital, full of joy and charm flavor.

Top notes – pear, mandarin orange;
Middle notes – apricot, rose, freesia, neroli, osmanthus;
Base notes – musk, sandalwood, amber.

Chopard Wish Turquoise Diamond

Chopard launches its fragrance Wish Turquoise Diamond in 2007. It is the third perfume of the series Wish – the original Wish was released in 1999 and Wish Pink Diamond – in 2005. The vision of the new fragrance is almost the same as that of its predecessors. Wish Turquoise Diamond has the form of precious jewel, but this time is neither blue or pink. His color is bright turquoise. The design of the bottle was invented by Fabrice Legros. The realization of the idea is with the assistance of Pi Design.
The perfumer Ursula Wandel is behind the creation of the floral composition.

Chopard Wish Magical Nights

Chopard launches Wish Magical Nights in October 2008. It is the fourth perfume of the series Wish. Its predecessors were: Wish (1999), Wish Pink Diamond (2005), Wish Turquoise Diamond (2007).
To create a Wish Magical Nights, Chopard is inspired by the magic of autumn nights.

Top notes – pear, red berries, black locust;
Middle notes – magnolia, iris, heliotrope;
Base notes – vanilla, patchouli.

Chopard Wish

Chopard launched the perfume Wish on the market in 1999. The fragrance was created by Nathalie Lorson. She managed to make exotic fragrance, including fruits, flowers, wood and spicy notes. This cute oriental fragrance creates special feeling of luxury and nobility.
For the advertising images of the perfume individually posed two beautiful models – Sarah King and Kati Tastet.
As the fragrance and as well as the advertising campaign evoke associations of with the perfume Angel on Thierry Mugler.